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Sahadeva- Brave, noble, honorable wise king with just one little flaw, arrogance.

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Blog # 32


  • Do you wish you had a gift of astrology and the ability to foresee the future?

  • Would your change your positions and choices in life if you had this gift?

  • Would you still choose options that you know will bring suffering and humiliation for years?

  • Would you resist the urge to look out just for yourself first? Why not?

  • Would you stand firm on the side of good despite suffering heavy defeats for a decade?

  • How much does this foresight and wisdom matter when judgement day arrives?

The Mahabharata Context

Price Sahadeva was the last child born to King Pandu using the gifts that Queen Kunti had to invoke the gods to have their progeny. Her invoking the Ashwini brothers this time birthed Prince Sahadeva as a sibling of Prince Nakula for her co-consort, Queen Madri. In addition to his dashing looks, Prince Sahadeva was a master with the sword and also excellent in astrology and could foresee the future with accuracy. He was sought after for this skill even by Prince Duryodhana himself.

Prince Sahadeva steadfastly stood by King Yudhisthira despite his misguided addiction to alcohol and gambling. He stood by his brothers and joined them in exile, managed the cow shed, tending to the cows. When Prince Yudhisthira decided to conquer kingdoms in order to be anointed Emperor, Prince Sahadeva wielded his sword with great effect and conquered many kingdoms to the south of Indraprastha. When the Mahabharata war broke out he fought many great battles and finally fulfilled his oath to kill his uncle Shakuni for his cheating ways. After the victory he ruled the south for many years until the Pandavas decided to try ascend to heaven. Prince Sahadeva was the third to fall due to his acute knowledge of his wisdom that had made him arrogant.

Our Null Hypothesis about the Sahadeva persona

Prince Sahadeva was blessed with many great positive attributes. He was confident, firm and unwavering in his loyalty to his brothers. Sahadeva was brave, resolute, and noble in his actions even in victory and in defeat. He was a person of high integrity who remained loyal despite being wooed by the other side for his gift in astrology and his ability to see the future. Sahadeva was physically strong, good looking and peerless with the sword. He also had an ability to care for animals that was special. One has to look really hard to find the one subtle weakness that was revealed at the end of his life. His gifts had gone to his head and the divine judgement found him imperfect due to his arrogance.

Lessons Learned

  • For those of us who struggle with self-esteem issues, who would truthfully not want a dash of his confidence every day?

  • How does one really balance between showing more confidence and being perceived as arrogant?

  • How do we separate being those who are perceived as arrogant from those who are really arrogant? What is that bright line of distinction?

  • Is having a family and a group of loyal friends not good enough to keep us centered and not veer into arrogance?

  • Is there more proof needed than this story that arrogance does not pay in the long run?

What % of Prince Sahadeva is in you?

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