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Prince Nakula: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the handsome prince amongst us all?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022


Blog 31:

  • Do you wish you were as handsome as Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?

  • How much do looks matter in terms of why you are loved or liked?

  • Do acts of kindness, valor, courage and integrity count as much as good looks do?

  • What is wrong with staring at a mirror and saying "Damn, I look good "?

  • What price should we pay for vanity? Should the doors of heaven not be open to us?

The Mahabharata Context

Prince Nakula was the son of King Pandu and Queen Madri. He was famous for his dashing good looks and was considered one of the most eligible princes of his time. During the Mahabharata war, Prince Nakula was the dependable, supportive younger sibling of his three elder brothers - Prince Yudhisthira, Prince Bheema and the mighty Prince Arjuna. During the year of hiding, Prince Nakula hid in the horse stalls perfecting his skills. When King Yudhisthira staked his dominance and set out to conquer new lands, Prince Nakula led his forces to west and north India and annexed a lot of land driving his horses to great distances. Once war broke out, Prince Nakula fought valiantly and won many famous battles including defeating his uncle, King Shalya. He did lose to Prince Karna, who spared his life as promised to Queen Kunti. After the war, Emperor Yudhisthira made Prince Nakula the ruler of the regions he had conquered. After many years of peaceful rule, when the Pandavas took their final walk to ascend towards heaven, Prince Nakula was the third to fall, his imperfection of vanity kept him from ascending to heaven.

Our Null hypothesis about the Prince Nakula Persona

Prince Nakula was blessed with a dashing, handsome good looks. In addition, he was extremely skilled in Ayurvedic medicine and horse grooming. These were prized skill that helped him marshal his armies for long arduous journeys of conquest. Prince Nakula was also a highly skilled warrior and very good with archery and his sword. He was brave and a man of high honor and commanded respect among his peers. He did know he was good looking and was sometimes a little too aware of it.

Lessons learned

We live in a world that covets physical beauty and is willing to do a lot to stay physically attractive. Admitting our age and acting our age is not always cool. We diet, exercise, spend hours with stylists, buy good clothes, accessories and will try hard to look good. Adoring gazes and compliments make it well worth the effort, right? The key is to not let these compliments and adulation get to our heads and develop an ego about it. Doing good is often undervalued and other values like honesty, loyalty, hard work, sacrifice, generosity, etc. are all also equally desirable attributes, right?

  • Beauty is skin deep they say and we need to remember that. But man, sure would have loved to have been born with natural look good, right?

  • Handsome is what handsome does; Acts of kindness, loyalty, bravery, sacrifice, honor and generosity are just as important as good looks for most of us

  • A large spoonful of humility goes a long way, especially when you know you know you just won the genetic lottery

What % of Prince Nakula is in you?

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